Jun 19, 2006

Father's day weekend

Sunday was Father's Day which in case you aren't aware is a recognized day to celebrate Father's and in my opinion is probably the most important day of the year (kidding). Breakfast in bed, new socks and underwear (apparently I needed new ones and that's a couple of years in a row, am I detecting a trend?). I also got a bike rack for the vehicle to hold four bikes (but I only have two???). By 1000hrs Doreen had hopped on her bike and was riding out to Bragg Creek (50kms) while I drove the boys out to meet her, have a quick lunch, load 'em up and then I hopped on my bike and rode back. I took a detour (75kms) to see my pal's new baby boy, Toby; it was a great ride. That evening it was dinner at a local hole in the wall (my kind of place) Chinese restaurant - Salt and Pepper Squid, Fat Noodles in Vegetable, Triple Mandarin seafood delicacy and steamed rice. The boys pounded the noodles and visions of future Father's Day trips affecting the wallet more seriously flashed through my head. I got the royal Father's Day treatment, thx honey.

Saturday we went for a family ride, me towing the boys as usual. It was only a casual hour, more sightseeing than anything but it was a nice change from the hard-pounding I typically do with the Chariot. Saturday we also attended the local "McKenzie Frenzy" parade which is an annual weekend event our neighborhood puts on. You know the one... sit on the edge of the road while the local firemen drive past you waving, the real estate agent is handing out candy, small school marching band, a veterinarian crew walking by handing out dog treats, miniature ponies, a cement truck? It was all over in 15mins, Evan and Keegan enjoyed it, followed closely by Doreen, and then me trailing way back on the enjoyment factor. Well I did enjoy it a bit, if only for the cement truck (and the smiles on the boys confused faces). Here's a photo of Evan being introduced to the evils of giveaway candy from the real estate agents son, while she craftily drove along assessing our house purchasing needs.