Jun 26, 2006

Four shots

This morning I was pulling SO (Single Origin) shots of four very different regions - Ethiopia, Mexico, Java and Brazil. I was wondering if the camera could capture the different presentations of the crema head in the shot glass. It turns out I wasn't very scientific in my approach as the shot representation was more a function of my shot glass placement during the pull, rather than of the actual physical characteristics. An example would be these first two shots; the Java I gave a little swirl after the shot was pulled to see how the dense crema bubbles would respond and the Ethiopian Harar was placed off-center during the pull and created the bubbles at the rear of the shot glass. Not very scientific, I know. Best shot of the morning, suprisingly, the Harar - creamy berry goodness.


Anonymous said...

Nice....darn it, it's 10:27 PM and I REALLY want to make an espresso (you would laugh at my machine), after looking at those pictures!
I'm going through roasting withdrawal, with my Caffe Rosto on the fritz. I was hoping to just return it and get a new Genecafe or your HotTop, but the vendor said that it was a warranty issue, and the machine needed to be sent to Canada for repair...

Shaun Taylor said...

I feel your pain. Roasting withdrawal wasn't an option, that's why I jumped on the voracious research pattern to find the replacement.

I'm still hoping the iroast2 I have, which is still under warranty, will get fixed (talking via email with the US iroast2 rep at the moment) and then maybe sell it or use it as a backup (maybe even do comparison roasts???).

Who is the vendor and why back to Canada?