Espresso machines can be used for other things besides pulling a shot of Ethiopian Harar. You can also demonstrate "Up" and "Down".

Espresso machines... a wise investment.

Non-coffee-related warning (any coffee readers can stop here) - the long mountain bike ride we did this week was soooooo good. It was Powderface Mountain long-loop. Head up the mtn, which is about one hour of climbing through some challenging terrain. Then its down the other side of the mtn, yah! Hook up with a short gravel road for maybe 3kms then dive onto Prairie Link trail for another hour of sweet singletrack. Conditions were great, pretty muddy in a couple of spots so the bike is filthy again (still haven't cleaned it). Weather, perfect. Got home just before 2300hrs, there is so much light in the mtn's at this time of year. Love it!


Eric H. said...

I have had my brewtus for a couple of months now. I *will* roast my own beans soon, but I am busy with the kids. Must save time for cycling :~) Would love to discuss your roasting experiences.

Shaun Taylor said...

Tough decision... ride or roast, ride or roast, ride or roast. Set your bike up on a stationary trainer and watch your roaster? ;-)

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