Jun 16, 2006

Java anyone?

Java? Roasted up some this afternoon. What kind of Java? That would be Java Prince; which I was offered by one of the coffee-loving members of the GCBC (Green Coffee Buying Club, but you knew that already). This is about as dark a batch as I have roasted in quite a long time. This 250gm went about one minute into second crack, which was rolling violently along and sounded like it still had a lot more to offer. They looked great, not nearly as dark as I expected, considering. Apparently the Prince really does well into second crack so I hope I can hold off on pulling a shot tomorrow and be reasonable about waiting over 24 hours to pull a shot on it. Ahhhh, who am I kidding, I'll pull a shot with it for sure by lunchtime. Thought I would take a photo of a freshly puro-caf'd grouphead while the roaster was doing its thing. I like this angle, it looks really crisp and almost three dimensional.

And since the grouphead was super-clean, it's probably best to pull a seasoning shot, and hey why throw it down the sink, I better taste it just to make sure its ok, espresso consumption warning alert (oh, the tomatoes are for Evan's amusement). Here's the evening's latte art from a different angle. I have to work on reducing the surface bubbles. One theory suggests it may be caused by overly fresh beans releasing too much CO2; maybe I should stop using fresh tasty beans, yeah, that's a great idea.