That's right, the new roaster is on its way. I will hold off on the details of what it is until I have it unpacked and in one piece. Maybe a photo of it roasting??? ;-)

Good thing I managed to source a suitable solution and get it here either tomorrow or Wednesday because these are a couple of photos of what we do best on the weekend - sit on the back deck and drink espresso and americano's (with Evan jumping back and forth to hog a camera shot). And as you may know the coffee supplies are running low, so there was panic in the air.

Here's some interesting coffee math for you. If you drink/gift 120lbs of coffee per year, via the magic of home roasting you are saving yourself approx $8.00 per lb, that equals an approx saving of $1000.00 per year. For world-class freshly roasted coffee. That makes sense to me.


Gobs said...

I look forward to the photos and all the details. Have you heard of this company?

Shaun Taylor said...

Oh, and you know I will have details. ;-)

I looked at this company, and pretty much every company on the entire Internet, but I don't know anything about them as they weren't offering anything I was chasing.

Why do you ask?

Gobs said...

Just wondering. I was doing some research on roasting and beans, although not going to jump into it just yet, their site popped up and seemed interesting. Just on the hunt for more info about roasting, beans, blending, profiling, etc.

Maybe I will explain more in a email when I get the chance.

btw, you show no stress at all from the possible coffee shortage.

Shaun Taylor said...

Oh, I'm stressed. ;-)

The worst part was trying to make the right decision for the roaster. Worst case would have been to buy some local roast, but now I prefer my own much more and on principle it hurts to have to pay double for retail.

If you are looking ot learn more about roasting, is a good place to start and the Green Coffee Buying Club is also the site I go to for fantastic bean at great prices and also some good company.

Gobs said...

Thank you :-)

Shaun Taylor said...

Not a problem. Just don't blame me when you are obsessing over blending ratios. ;-)