This morning I decided to pull all the roasts out of the cupboard. There are a few on the go that's for sure. I roasted 3lbs yesterday, three batches for Irene's wedding shower (Doreen's sister, for those of you who are now confused) so they could have coffee for the day. I hung on to some of the various roasts to sample them myself. And since it was a nice day on the back deck I just got on a coffee roasting-roll. They make a nice little coffee fortress photo, and I suppose all I need now is a moat (look it up). The other photo is yet more lame latte art from mid-morning.

This evening I am off for the regular Thursday long mountain ride. This week we are doing Moosepacker's Mtn, here's a site that kind of describes it click. Weapon of choice is the dirtiest bike we have hanging up at the moment (mine), but I love it and this evening those Hope Mini's are going to get put to good use.