Jun 6, 2006

Watching my watch

My watch is a digital Timex Ironman. It's on a really nasty old black nylon watchband that I got when I joined the army in '83. The Timex is the same model I've worn since my days in JTF2 back in the 90's. So I'm pretty familiar with this timekeeping setup. It's digital. It works well. How is it that the numbers seem to be rolling over way slower than they normally do. Could it be that I am impatiently waiting for the new roaster to hit the front doorstep? To amuse myself, I got some more photos for Evan to enjoy.

Not even sure what I am going to roast first, certainly something nice for Doreen to take to her office desk (luv ya honey) - The Makeda Harrar or Mexican Olivo or Kenya Peaberry Lot 162, Nicaragua CoE La Esperanza, or, or, or. And then what to roast up for espresso? Wow, my watch seems to be running slow. Ohhhhh noooooooo, I just got a response back from the shipper saying it won't be in Calgary until tomorrow (Quickly take three steps over to bean cupboard to assess the nearly non-existent war-stocks). Ayyyyyyiiiiyyyiiii!

Might as well get back to slurping down the other half of the rosetta I just poured on this latte. Sigh.


Gobs said...

Very nice tiger stripes. There is a run-away puck on your counter. Is that a single tappered basket or a double? Nice latte, I want one but it now 23.46 pm and time for znorsville.

Shaun Taylor said...

Its a ridged double tapered that I can stuff 18-19 grams in depending on grind.

I'll make you a decaf, just pay the girls over by the cash register, LOL.

Gobs said...

I shall follow the sounds of the cash register & leave my CV for future positions available.

Passion for coffee while working in a cafe is not work in my book.

Shaun Taylor said...


You've got a job, except my cafe won't be built for at least another 18 months. Compared to the hundreds of shots a day we were pulling, now I just put a handful in "my kitchen cafe" and the most regular customer are in diapers. ;-)

Gobs said...

LOL! See you in front of your cafe 18 months from now with my tamper in hand and a big smile ready to greet everyone.

It must be hard. I have had several hours behind a cafe counter and since then, I want to pull shots for the whole neighborhood. I'm suffering from portafilter fever and tamping withdrawal twitches. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Shaun,

Here I am procrastinating from working on the final project for my MBA and so I am surfing the net and I accidentally run across your Blog...don't even know how I got there....amazing.

And, the kids are beautiful! Congratulations on all things!

I love coffee...it has kept me alive and awake the past 2 years during this MBA stuff so I look forward to dropping by and trying a sample or two of the brew out of your new shop when it opens.

Until next time,
Michelle S.

Shaun Taylor said...

Hey Michelle,

Wow, blast from the past, glad you dropped a note! Fire me an email to catch me up on the last few years!

Hope you are doing well!!!