Jun 14, 2006

What's on the menu

Usually when I get the grinder going for the first shot of the day, Keegan (if he isn't eating breakfast) will head over to stand between my feet and point at the espresso machine. Maybe its because he likes the noise, or being involved or because I sometimes let him taste a pinhead sized drop of crema. Whatever it is, he likes it. Here he is pointing at what was on the menu this morning - the five day old Brazilian Beccor Lot 152.

The pull on this Brazilian is really nice; buttery sweet, almost macadamia nutty, creamy with just a hint of bite. I pulled several shots of this lot to see what it had to offer in regards to dose, time and grind playing off against each other. When the shot was dialed in it was geeeeerrrrrrrraaayyyyytttt. When it was at its extreme of bad pull it was freakin' nasty sour (technical term). Once the shot settled down it sat at approx 50% crema.

Here's a photo of the Hottop in full-blown second crack. It was pretty smoky as you can see. I was roasting 290grams instead of the normal 250grams and it was about 15 seconds into second crack. I'm roasting in the garage, right next to the back door beside the dog flap. If you look carefully you can see the flap propped open with Doreen's mountaneering axe to let the smoke out - hey it works. This batch was the Oaxaca Finca El Olivo organic which got blended with a two day old batch of Royal's Ethiopian Harar Horse to create "The Toby Blend". I'm not sure if Shawn's new son drinks coffee, but I'm sure someone will be able to put a couple of bags to good use. ;-)


Robert Csar said...

Hi Shaun! You may remember me when you came into 2% Jazz a long time ago and I had the honour of extracting espresso for you every day while you and your fantastic family were on holiday! How's Calgary? I see you have a HOTTOP! Lucky! I really want one of those ASAP. And a GS3... and a Jolly... etc.
Well I left Victoria awhile ago and moved to Montreal to check out the East Coast coffee scene... ha, ha... I came right back to Vancouver after being there for only 2 months... I'm back at Caffe Artigiano and currently training up to take on the Canadian Barista Championship - I'm going to the regionals with my team (Barrett, Colter, and Lindsay) and we'll be going head to head with some pretty impressive competition it seems (Elysian Room kids, JJ Bean etc). Wish us luck and if you ever come into town visit me at the Robson / Hornby location (5 group LM store - as well as a Clover)... cheers, take care!

Shaun Taylor said...

Hey Robert, of course I remember, how can I forget a barista who looks after my espresso needs for a solid week with style!!!

Was wondering what happened to you, but happy to hear you are in the game on the West Coast with a progressive organization. I'm sure you'll kick-it at the Championship, enjoy every moment.

Drop by again to let me know how things are going. Good to hear from you.