Jul 14, 2006

Blogcation finale

Love this photo of Evan deciding he was going to go for a ride with me. That was the great thing about being out in Kananaskis Country, the instant access to great riding. On this particular day I rode out to meet Doreen and the boys at a little lake/river. When I got out there, the boys got prepped to go splashing, they really enjoyed the water, Keegan has a sour face from gnawing on an apple and Evan is trying to stick his knee up in the air just like dad.

Doreen (being the responsible parent) would often pull a book out to entertain the boys. I would often demonstrate the irresponsible side of things like this other photo shows all too well; Keegan learning to make cool noises with a beer bottle.

Wed morning we went to the Fluor Stampede Breakfast. Held every year, (as part of the greater Calgary Stampede week festivities which attracts over 1 million people during its 10 day period) its a good event for kids, spouses and any freeloading pancake eaters in the area. The Fluor crew served over 2200 people that morning - ehrmmm I didn't drink the coffee, Doreen did, haha.