Here's a photo of Evan enjoying the last drops of my espresso this morning. Look at that sky, a beauty day, a fine one to take the boys out in the Chariot for a bike ride. Now put on your imagination hat and picture a very grey sky, with severe thunderstorm warnings and lots of rain - that's what is happening right now. Which means no bike ride, oh well, we rode for two hours yesterday.

With the sky rapidly turning grey I managed to squeeze in a batch on the Hottop. I ejected the roast and felt the first drop of rain. Just in the nick of time. It's an interesting espresso blend (at least to me) which consists of approx:

- 6 parts Cachoeira Estate Red Catuai
- 2 parts Sumatra Lintong TP
- 2 parts Aged Timor Maubesse
- 1 part Yemen Ismaili Hirazi
- 1 part Antigua El Tempixque

Since it is such a diverse bean density/size/whatever there were first and second cracks going off at different times, my gut feel was to terminate 20 seconds into second crack; not rolling, but nicely developing. The batch looks really nice. Now I have to try and wait 72hrs until I start to mess with it. Good thing I have the Daterra Santa Columba to play with.