Jul 28, 2006

Daddy, Pico licked me

Our Black Lab, Pico, is really good with the boys. Here's a couple of photos of her being ridden. The first one was taken just after Pico had reached back and licked Evan's ear, which he didn't appreciate as noted. The second photo was just the other day, during happier non-licked times.

Here's a photo I took yesterday of a shot I pulled as a single origin Makeda Harar. It was tasty, nicely developed already but still a bit early at three days I think. I like this photo (even if it is a shade out of perfect focus) it looks like a giant espresso pillar; bonus points for anyone who can see the temp reflection and tell me what it reads. I pulled three shots of the Daterra Santa Columba blended up with the Makeda this morning and the third shot was so good I turned off the espresso machine and walked away quite contentedly. That was a while ago, too long ago maybe, so now I am thinking about the batch I roasted up on Tuesday bet I hit it before noon (only three hours short of three days rest, what incredible will power, haha).

Last night, four of us rode Moosepackers in two hours, it was a fairly brisk pace. Tom put a bit of the hurt on me as we pushed pretty hard up the approach route (he just got back from a week of riding the Tour de France routes) I enjoyed the exertion (my legs are a bit heavy this morning). The four of us are riding the 24 Hours of Adrenaline in Canmore (just over three weeks from now) and as a group we are doing pretty well, not so good that we are taking ourselves really seriously but good enough to hammer the race fairly hard. After we finished the ride we grabbed a beer and burger, Tom proclaimed in mid-bite that next week he was going to sign us all up for the Bow 80 race (the spots open up first thing Monday morning and get filled really quickly). I have only done the Bow 80 once, it is a very tough route, tying together several mountainous trails, it is truly epic, oh and did I mention tough. When he dropped the comment into the conversation I laughed and said "Whatever" but within a few minutes he had convinced me, so it appears I am going to do it though I had no plans to do it 12 hours ago. It's in mid-Sept so I guess I better start planning on doing some reeeaaalllyyyy long training rides. Maybe espresso in my water bottles? ;-)


Jay said...

92. Hokay?

I need an espresso, just reading about your biking adventures. ;-)

Shaun Taylor said...

I know I better order some more green beans. ;-)