That's right, a running shoe but I'll get to that in a minute. Here's a couple of food and beverage related photos. The first one shows Keegan admiring his handiwork, letting me know he was done with his lunchtime Glass Noodles. The other photo is from this mornings attempt at refining an SO shot of the Oaxacan Finca el Olivo. I tried three shots but didn't pull an exemplary shot so I defaulted over to that great little batch I roasted from a few days ago, the batch containing the Antiguan and Yemen amongst other beans. It is a really interesting shot. Not at all a cohesive shot in the traditional sense, there are just too many things going on in it; but that's what makes it cool for me, it's not "normal". Every once in a while it's great to really screw with the "standards" and see what comes out at the other end. As soon as I post this up, I am going back to tasting another shot from that batch - yum.

Right, to the running shoe event. I failed to mention it when I was talking about our camping trip from a couple of weeks ago. I had bagged all our garbage and thrown it just under the trailer to take off to the bear-proof garbage bin in a few minutes. It was pretty dark and fairly quiet when all of a sudden there was some scratching and dragging noises coming from underneath the trailer. I grabbed the flashlight and hopped outside. Shining the flashlight under the trailer I could see something dragging the bagged garbage deeper and deeper under the trailer with a heavy focus on a diaper. The flashlight startled it and the animal looked up at me - a SKUNK! In a split second I decided my course of action, Doreen's running shoes were within arms reach, I grabbed the closest and with all the precision of a laser-guided munition a running shoe was delivered to the frontal lobe/left ear of the skunk. Simultaneously to my delivery I took two rapid tactical bounds backwards. The skunk retreated without deploying a covering barrage of chemical munitions which was fine by me. I recovered the garbage bag (the diaper was too far under the trailer to fiddle with in the darkness) and dropped it off in the garbage bin. The next morning Doreen's shoe and the diaper still sat side-by-side under the trailer in silent remembrance of the only skunk in the area with a Nike symbol on it's forehead. ;-)

Edit: In the time it has taken me to post this, there have been diaper changes, scraps, and now lunch. In fact the boys are sitting down for lunch, both chewing on carrots, peas and ham and nodding their heads in rythmn to Grace Jones's "Slave to the Rhythm". Nice. Oh, yeah, I also have a blended batch of Daterra Villa Borghesi, Java Estate Prince and Royal's Harar Horse on the go as we shift into Kraftwerk's "Autobahn", even nicer.