Jul 18, 2006

So was it any good?

As suggested yesterday evening, today was going to be Al Haj experiment day. The Al Haj Yemen Mocha Matari pulled as a single origin, do-able? I can report I think it is good but different. Not my go-to espresso shot, though I can say I would (and probably will) drink this again as an SO. It took two shots to get to where I would consider drinking this bean. The second shot was for me a light bodied red wine, not overly powerful in its character, with some wild fruit gaminess and a hint of spice. Thought I smelled some perfumey, floral and almost "Turkish Delight" (if you have ever tasted that particular delicacy) aromas. I will be french pressing the Matari as soon as Keegan crashes out for his afternoon nap (he doesn't look very sleepy at the moment as he waves "lambie" around in the air).

Tonight I'm hooking up with my pal for a road ride starting at "Road to Nepal" and heading down 22X and through some back country roads, maybe 1.5 hours? The evening light is starting to drop off more quickly now so we can't go too late. Any ride is a good ride particularly with the 24 Hours of Adrenaline coming up in approx one month - wanna be riding strong in those laps but not fueled by Matari. ;-)