Jul 10, 2006

Trailer coffee

While making the evening's decaf latte I thought back to the coffee we enjoyed out at the trailer. What do you take for a week's worth of coffee, knowing you are going to leave the espresso machine at home so you can get back to french pressing (a sort of self-imposed espresso withdrawal syndrome) I decided to take 3.5lbs in 1/2lb batches. The hits... Zimbabwe AA Top (I think this might have been my fave for a few reasons, but oddly one of the reasons had little to do with any of the classic cupping descriptors, I think it was the romantic notion of drinking coffee from Zimbabwe, something I never would have imagined doing), the Oaxaca Finca El Olivo was good (possibly Doreen's fave) and the Panama Carmen Estate (makes me want to roast more just thinking about its creamy berry goodness). With trailer coffee being the topic I should relay the trailer campground story. I guess guys with trailers talk to guys with trailers and I got to talking to a fella next to our campsite. Turns out he is a cop, so I hooked him up with some freshly ground Guatemala El Injerto (he had previously proclaimed he liked coffee and had brought out his own big tin of pre-ground supermarket coffee, rather than try to help him understand there was this other kind of coffee called "good coffee" I casually said I would grind up some coffee and bring it over for him). So 1/4lb of El Injerto into a baggie and as I walked it over I knew the guys idea of coffee was about to dramatically change after who knows how many years of pre-ground tin coffee. Needless to say he enjoyed the coffee - a lot! Later he confessed to opening his trailer cupboard several times just to smell the coffee. ;-)

Some of the guys over at the Green Coffee Buying Club have got some blogs going, go check 'em out. If not this time then sometime in the future as the GCBC link is going up permanently into the "coffee links" section. There are some real characters in the Club, it is pretty much one of the best forums I have been involved in and I have been hooking into forums since 1990. The admins and distributors do a fantastic job of supporting the green bean questions and consumption of over 500 homeroasters spread mainly through the US though there are a handful of us located outside the US. I joined back in March when there were approx 100 members, I was searching for a specific solution; a better way of getting good green beans at a better price point while simultaneously providing a cooperative with a friendly outlook - I was lucky, I found it. Joe at GCBC was point man and made me feel welcome (even though I am Canadian, haha) and since then I have purchased over 100lbs of green bean from various guys. Good guys, in fact great guys, guys just like me - unrecognizable on the coffee scene but passionate about good coffee. There is a bit of a family feel at GCBC, its a cool place to hang, and learn and buy good green. One of the members "Liftoff" (real name is Larry of Rocket Coffee Roasters) from down in Phoenix, AZ is a small commercial roaster who by all accounts is roasting up great coffee. As I understand it he started from the ground up, like any homeroaster. Moving forward in time and he is now pulling shots on a single group Synesso Cyncra as a test bed machine for his multiple coffee accounts. On a few occasions he has sponsored various prizes for the GCBC and just generally been a good resource for the club so in recognition of that (plus I like the photos of his sizzlin' Synesso) Larry will be the first permanent Commercial Vendor bloglink to be found in the "coffee links" (better start roasting the pounds right now Larry, the rush may be overwhelming, haha). Why mention all that GCBC stuff? Well the three faves from the trailer coffee week were from GCBC, in fact GCBC is pretty much my only source of green. Time for a bit of recognition. Thanks GCBC.


Larry said...

Thank you for the kind comments!

Love your blog, my wife say's you have a great writing style! Very enjoyable, thanks for sharing.

Take good care of yourselves!

Shaun Taylor said...

Cheers to you Larry. Could I give your wife the name of my High School English teacher? Maybe she could let him know that I really was paying attention at the back of the class, rather than what would have appeared to be whispering about skipping class. ;-)