Thursday afternoon we headed up to Red Deer for Irene's wedding (Doreen's sister). It was a big success; no one passed-out, showed up late or forgot the ring. Things formally began on Thursday evening with a family get-together at Sylvan lake at a nice restaurant "Smuggler's Inn" (Alberta Prime Rib aged 28 days is highly recommended). The restaurant is on the lakeside with a nice view, and SURPRISE, I am going to start taking black and white photos more often (not sure why I stopped as I do enjoy them). These are photos of Evan just outside the restaurant.

Here's a photo of Doreen and Keegan in a rare moment of Keegan peace and quiet in the restaurant (generally he was eager to help everyone participate in his meal). The next photo is from the following day at the wedding site. It was an outdoor wedding and scorching hot at 32 degrees Celsius. Keegan was keen to climb up on a chair for a better view.

Since I was pretty far down the chain of command, I was relegated to "Control the havoc" duty, something I found easier by getting the guys to watch anything else other than the wedding. Past the fence there was a river, rivers have fish, "Can you see the fish Evan?" Fish watching was good for five minutes, then it was onto the next deceptive ploy. Doreen looked stunning as the maid of honor, though I'm not sure Keegan noticed as he seemed pretty interested in eating grass or handing me imaginary "things" that I "needed to hang on to" instead of staring at mom.

Irene, ever the teacher, seemed pretty content to let the boys lounge around on her dress after the ceremony and point out the scientific importance of flower petals. Irene looked fantastic and we were glad to be there on her special day. During the reception Doreen stepped up to the microphone to impart some words of wisdom and as can be seen in this photo have a belly laugh or two. All in all a good day/evening.

But Shaun, what did you do for coffee? I took up some of the Ethiopian Harar Lot 162 and the Yemen Mocha Matari. Ruth now has a grinder (nice one Ruth) and a couple of french presses so we were set. Who was the coffee convert... Stan and Joan were also staying at Doreen's parent's hacienda, did either of them drink coffee? Stan outlined he enjoys coffee and often partakes in Tim Horton's (the horror) I tried to explain that I didn't think of Tim Horton's coffee as being coffee. But I would like to brew him some home-roast. The predictable happened, Stan now likes fresh coffee. The dilemma, what's Stan going to do now? I'm not sure what he will do (he's screwed, ;-) but I know what I'm going to do, I'm off to roast up something for this week, maybe starting with the Makeda Harar. Nice!


Anonymous said...

great photos! I'm glad everyone was there.

aunty irene

Shaun Taylor said...

We were glad to be there Irene. Now hop on a plane an come over for some great seafood. ;-)