No photos in this post but in their absence I am providing a link to a video I took two days ago of my first espresso shot of the morning. As you will see it's not very professional in quality (I'm referring to the video you fool, the espresso was magnificent, haha). The video went up on coffeegeek and to GCBC with the appropriate explanation of this and that. I won't attach any of that verbiage to this post since any readers of this blog belong to two distinct camps, you are either a coffee freak and therefore have probably already seen the verbiage on other sites, or you think I make good coffee but don't know how and aren't that interested just as long as it keeps getting poured in your mug. ;-)

Without further ado, click here for the vid.


Jay said...


Your video has inspired me to try my ole Gaggia again. It is the first time since purchasing my HotTop. Though my shots lack crema, they taste so much better. My puck is a puck and not some sloppy gob of grounds. I even got a huge blueberry blast out of some old Harrar that I bought from Liftoff. I have never tasted the blueberry with pourover.

Thanks for producing and making the video available. It has really make my espresso experiences good one for a change.

Shaun Taylor said...

Thanks Jay, that's awesome you jumped back on the espresso machine again. I have no doubt you will be the crema-king before too long.

Haven't heard anything from Larry (on GCBC) in a while, he's probably busy trying to get his cafe' up and running I guess???