Which is of course a reference to the children's storybook tale involving Goldilocks and the Three Bears, I believe Goldilocks was involved in some random porridge eating and bed ruffling - generally messing with the Three Bear's heads. Essentially that's what happened this morning. Goldilocks grabbed a half pound canning jar's worth of beans that had been carefully placed by the back door for Goldilock's ride to work. Goldilock's also randomly grabbed the Dry Process Yirgacheffe I had been drooling over in anticipation of pulling some post roast blended shots this morning. Luv ya honey, but stop eating my porridge.

I know that DP Yirg is going to be good, because I have french pressed it twice at the 24 and 48hr point and all I could think of was "espresso machine - now" yet I persevered and planned for the grand espresso launch at the three day mark, Goldilocks messed with my plans. Probably a good thing anyway as it no doubt needs another day of rest before being pulled. So the focus this morning was the three day-old Daterra Yellow Espresso blend, you can follow the first drips, an ounce and a quarter nearly finished and the last drips after I killed the shot. As you can see in the fourth photo it is still a bit too fresh, the crema isn't really as dense as I would like it to be, still it was marvie and promises to be extra-special in the morning when I individually pull the Daterra and now returned DP Yirg prior to blending them ah, yah!

Besides the obviously fluffy espresso in the fourth photo you can see the Pallo coffeetool. Evan says "That your coffee toothbrush" whenever I use it, sometimes it is "Look daddy, the coffee's teeth are dirty" other times its "That coffee toothbrush, it not mommy toothbrush". He likes to hold it when I am pulling shots or help me push the tamper down or hold a bean or taste the crema or declare "That's a good one, dad" or maybe "That one not good, we gotta throw it away" - of course the last two statements are completely random as he wouldn't know the first sign of a good shot. He sure tries hard to get involved though. Keegan just stands on my feet as soon as he hears the grinder, points at all the espresso paraphenalia and mumbles to himself while balancing on his tiptoes looking at the bottomless portafilter stream. The scrap is usually on to see who gets first position for good stadium seats. Crema placed on the tongue is expected, it's just got to be done in rapid fire succession or someone gets a knot in their face - until the grinder gets turned on again.

Tonight I hopped on my mountain bike and ripped up the bike paths for 40mins. I finished just after 11:00pm, it was quite dark but I had my halogen nightlight on. During the whole ride I didn't see one person, just two deer bounding across the trail at the 20 and 25 minute mark - perfect.

Edit: I just gave Keegan a bottle and as an afterthought (a strange vertigo queasy knot in the stomach thought of "For sure Goldilocks remembered to bring that Yirg back") I scoured though Goldilock's bags, the usual hiding places and such - no Yirg in sight. It would appear I need to design a sign-in/sign-out porridge card. ;-(