Aug 23, 2006

Race photo

I just got this photo from a professional photographer who was on-site at the race. It's from a lap sometime around 7:00AM on Sunday morning (just starting to warm up enough to roll the arm-warmers down a bit but cool enough to keep them part-way up in case I wipe out, haha). It's an excellent quality action photo, the speed coming around that corner is absolutely frozen in time. The front tire just off the ground with dust in front of the rear tire. Fine hair off the back of my left arm. I'm even in mid-blink which makes me look pretty sleepy/dopey and at that time I guess I was. Wait, are you supposed to operate fast moving machinery when you're that tired? Blogger doesn't allow for a good quality photo based on their compression factors, click here to check out the real quality of the photo (don't worry it's only 500KB).

This other photo is hard to understand without a description. I took it yesterday while Evan was jumping and spinning to Johnny Cash in the living room of all things. I managed to get him frozen in mid-air with the light directly behind him while he was pulling these radical 360 spins way up in the air. I never taught him that, what the heck, he's only 2.5 years old???


Jay said...

Excellent photo. You look a bit tired. ;-) Are you going to have a poster made?

Shaun Taylor said...

Hi Jay, good to hear from you. How about that chocolate apricot extravaganza from Ethiopia we just got in - wow that's good!

I don't think there will be a poster but if there was it would probably read "Hey! Open your eyes if you are going to ride that fast!!!" ;-)

Jay said...

Yes the Lekempti is excellent!

Your military training must be showing in the pic. I have never seen someone so focused while looking so sleepy. ;-)

Shaun Taylor said...

Haha, that's funny.

I am probaby going to print that photo off and hang it somewhere, I find it much easier to laugh at myself now than I did years ago when I took myself far too seriously.

I saw your link to the Hottop mods and am going to send you a PM.

nimbus said...

I'm glad you're raising your kids on Johnny Cash. Very nice. Do you have the new Johnny V CD? Pretty great....


(I'm a former mountain biker. Fun stuff. The rockies almost ate me up when I was doing some solo rides above Boulder. But I survived. (kinda stupid stuff we do when we're young))

Shaun Taylor said...

Hey Nimbus, I heard elsewhere that the new J Cash CD is good. I will have to keep my eye out for it.

Never ridden anywhere near Boulder, everyone says its awesome. Hopefully someday I will get to ride it. I'm not that young anymore and I'm still doing stupid stuff. ;-)