We are riding Jumpingpound and Cox Hill on Thursday night. Big climbing and 2200 feet of downhill on the backside (some good photos of the route can be found at this site click here. It will probably take three hours but that's ok, I need the punishment because I am now registered for the Bow 80. That's right, 80kms of mountain bike racing. Last time I did it I think it was just over six hours of riding - this year I want to do it in three. Hahaha, I'm so funny! I grabbed this cropped image from the Bow 80 site, they did a good job with it, as they do every year organizing the race. The cool thing is the four of us that are doing the 24 Hours of Adrenalin in Canmore are now also doing the Bow 80 - all because Tom in mid-burger-chew said "let's do it". I say cool now, but I should reserve my enthusiastic opinion until after the two events. I expect it will be a good suffer-fest. ;-)

Here's a photo of the new household train conductor.

I was putting Keegan to sleep, sometimes easy, sometime not. He was just about asleep when Evan burst in saying "Daddy look at this, look at this" he rarely does that when I am putting Keegan down so I figured it was something alarming. Into his bedroom he goes and with a grand sweep of his hand, like a stage magician, he says "Look daddy, I made you a train track". He's never made me a track like that before. Very cool. Following the grand unveiling of the Daddy-track we spent a lot more time laying on the floor playing with the trains. Life through the eyes of a kid, wow, to be 2.5 years old again.