Aug 16, 2006

What the...

It's been how long? A week? No update for a WEEK???? Oops, sorry about that, hmmm where do I redirect the blame... ;-)

So what's new? We got our office furniture a few days ago, the office is starting to come together, I will get a couple of pics up when it's done. Saturday was our wedding anniversary (the 4th, or was it the 6th, just kidding honey; it was the 5th - no really, it was the 4th, haha) Doreen's mom kindly came down on Saturday to babysit the boys. We promptly hopped in the Pilot and raced out to the mountains and hit the mountain bike trails (Powderface short loop) can't believe how long it has been since we did an MTB ride together. Last time was when Doreen was pregnant with Evan, oops. It was great riding with Doreen again, I miss it. Given the choice between going out for a good meal or MTB'ing, I take MTB. When we got back it was a quickie-shower and off to see Superman Returns at the Imax (nothing like seeing a movie from a 1 ton projector and 10,000 watts of audio - highly recommended). I'm not a Superman follower but gotta say I enjoyed the movie.

Sunday night I went out for a night ride with one of the guys from our 5 man team. He had never done a night ride before, so we thought it would be good for him to do a prep-ride in anticipation of this weekend's race. We started riding at 2145hrs and we were done by 2300hrs. Mike rode really well and totally loved it. There was another 24hrs rider out there who hooked up with us, the three of us had a good pace going and coincidentally we did the Powderface short loop that Doreen and I did the day before - good times. Tonight three of us are going on a road ride and I guess that will be the last big ride before the event this weekend.

Whoops, there is one more big event before the weekend - the 24 Hours of Roasting. I said I would provide the coffee for the Saturday and Sunday for our team. I am going to be using the new-ish Aeropress system, my Macap grinder and a lot of freshly roasted coffee. I figure for the 5 racers, plus some visiting wives and then an occasional drop-by (hey, I thought I could smell coffee - what the heck is that thing?) I will probably roast up about 6lbs of various single origin and blends. At half pound batches that's a lot of roasting. Not sure if I should break into my uber-special stashes. ;-)

Just the other day I cleaned up the Hottop and took some photos of the 60th roast here's a couple of close-ups.

Here's a shot of a roast in mid-ejection and the associated smoke. The other photo is a comparison of a spent espresso puck at approx 18 grams and a spent Aeropress puck at approx 23 grams. It's just like a big chocolate anniversary cake, haha. And yes, they are two different colors, I think the Aeropress puck was from a Panama Carmen Estate roasted just into second crack. More on the Aeropress in a few days.

I will get another post up in a couple of days, maybe some face-blackened roast shots. ;-)