Sep 12, 2006

297 days left...

Right then, that's it, 297 days from now I will be here considering today's decision with a much better perspective of "was it a good choice or bad choice". ;-)

Not much more to say except bring on the pain.

Edit: Ok, so now I have more to say. If you click on the little graphic you can see I just signed up for the Solo division. Which basically means I just signed up for a serious suffer-fest. This year the Solo winner in Canmore did 20 laps which is approx 300kms of racing and a 28,000 vertical feet gain in just under 24 hours of racing (did he get off his saddle, ever, c'mon really, wow). That's four times longer than the Bow 80 I just did and 3.5 times more vertical gain. Yikes!!!

To make it to the World Solo Championship (which is in Georgia this year) you have to be within 25% off the Canmore winner's lap count. So anything about 15 laps would do it. The 5th-8th finishing positions this year did 15 laps.

Man, I am going to have to start writing the blog from the saddle of my bike.


dekan said...

Respect! Sounds like lot's o training. Will you take a spare rear shock with you? ;-)

Shaun Taylor said...

Haha, good one, wanna lend me your bike as a spare. ;-)

I got a reply from Clint at Bow, he said they expect to have photos up on their site in the next week or so.

dekan said...

that's great. I am looking forward to see the pictures!

Hm.. lend you my bike? I don't know. Right now I am still thinking about it, but I will probably need it there for myself ;-)