Sep 28, 2006

B is for Beaver

So we were laying on the living room floor this morning reading some stories, Evan competing for dad space with Keegan who was sitting on my chest. While working through one of the books we came across this beaver page and immediately Keegan started jabbing the beaver dam quite excitedly - that's cool. His first real beaver dam last weekend while out in the mountains and he retained the experience. Keegan is turning into a fun little guy. He's pretty much always happy, here's a photo Doreen took on our back deck a couple of days ago.

I'm going elk hunting this weekend with my pal Shawn (we are actually leaving this evening). We have tags for elk and whitetail deer. The plan is to hit the trailhead in the dark and backpack in during the night and set up the tent. Early next morning we are going to penetrate into the mountains and cache our heavy gear then move lightly up and down the elevation points. Its pretty rugged terrain and we plan on coming out on Saturday evening. Why is that relevant, well we need coffee for the morning and by pure stroke of luck I bumped into this grinder yesterday while I was at MEC with the boys.

It's light, compact, durable, carries the beans in the hopper, the handle folds down, ceramic conical burrs, easy to adjust and adjustable enough to choke out the Aeropress, the results are better than I expected. I even ground up some of La Esmerelda and I'm impressed. It's slow to grind 22 grams, maybe two minutes and it is a bit laborious but the efforts are worth it - something about hand-grinding, it's more intimate.

And what of La Esmerelda? I would call it a med-light bodied, clean and refreshing coffee, great for morning brew. It's true that the aroma during grinding is fairly intense though I have ground a few others that will really fill a room. When I reflect back on the subtle changing nature of the maturing roast I primarily think of honey, a citrus like orange (mild rather than punch in the face orange), earl grey tea, a hint of grapefruit. It's a unique coffee and I really enjoyed it. Coffee drinkers who equally enjoy tea's could fall in love with this coffee. Would I go to extreme lengths to get more - no. Seriously, it's cool that it is unique and is "uncharacteristic" of Panamanian coffee's but different isn't necessarily the gold standard for me. I think there is just a little too much tea-like action going on for my coffee-like palate. I'm really pleased I got to experience it. Mmmmmm coffee. ;-)

I know I said I would post about the 24 Hours of Adrenalin trg, but that will have to wait till after the hunt as I have to go get my gear sorted out while Keegan is down. It could take longer than normal as Evan will want to "help me".


Jay said...

So does the book emphasize, " that a Beaver is a truly proud and noble animal" ? ;-)

Good luck hunting. How do one slow down to hunt well, while wired on coffee?? ;-)