Sep 20, 2006

Great coffee week

The week is off to a fantastic start for green coffee's. Though I already have a pretty good collection down in the green bean cellar (read - spare bedroom closet), it's always exciting to get new green beans. Thanks to a couple of great guys down in the US who sent the beans up, Evan has proclaimed several times "that for the roaster, daaaaaaaaaddd".

What's in... some Daterra's, some Ethiopian, some Rwandan, some Malawi and as the photo shows, some Panama Hacienda La Esmerelda Gesha. Gulp! Now all the other coffee's that just came in are top notch and one of them is in my mind a giant-killer maybe better than the Esmerelda???? (heresy you say). I'm almost nervous thinking about roasting La Esmerelda, that's kinda funny, in a geeky way. It's just had so much press and hype (no doubt all well deserved) that it has been built into a legend. I'm sure I will be hovering over the roaster tomorrow with my finger twitching by the eject button.

The plan: to roast tomorrow, let it rest and then be savoring it, in all it's splendor, over the weekend (gah, that means Doreen will be at home drinking home-stash rather than office-stash, what a poorly designed plan). New plan: hide La Esmerelda in my dirty laundry basket and stop talking to Doreen about how crazy this bean might be.


Gobs said...

I love the way the coffee from Panama namely "La Esmerelda Gesha" has conveniently ran out right after roasting. Hhhhmmmm.......seems like if I drop by, I would have to check the laundry basket. I will know where will keep it if I see the boys guarding a spot.

Shaun Taylor said...

Gobs, if you could make it here for the weekend, I would be happy to dig into the back left corner of my sock drawer - ooops, looks like I will have to change the hiding spot again. ;-)