We drank a lot of Aeropress this weekend. Thought I would grab a couple more photos of it, though the hanging in the air above the mug photo wasn't that easy of a shot as a macro (keep pushing down and hold steady and hope for drops and oh yeah, hold steady while you take the photo with the other hand and oh yeah, hold steady). The other photo is a few of the Aeropress pucks we put away over a day or two. ;-)

I am currently experimenting with the dose weight, moving it up and down - it's interesting.

Wow! Bow 80 mountain bike race in four days. Haven't been riding nearly enough. 80kms of really tough mountainous terrain in a very big loop (see the map), the elevation gain is ridiculous. Barring any mechanical difficulties it will probably be six hours of self-supported non-stop racing, powered by gels and tree bark. Two checkpoints with cut-off times that have to be beaten or you are removed from the course. It's such a slog, why am I doing it? Because it's there I guess.


Peter said...

I've got a draft update in the works there Shaun. But a guy can't really blog when he has to set up a kitchen with gear AND food, deal with new roommates, new classes, buying textbooks and drinking some of the world's finest coffee.

Best of luck in the Bow 80. I've ridden some of that route before and it's beautiful. Definitely some of my favorite trails in Alberta. I'll be watching for the results (I know another guy racing too).

Shaun Taylor said...

Good stuff Peter, Alberta needs to know you are safe and sound in granola-land. It seems like a busy start to the school season but none of that matters as you clarified the most important item and that is the coffee end of things. ;-)

Thanks for the "luck in", this will be my second time, the first time was a few years ago - the first time it, whooped, my, arse, and I was glad to see the finish line.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shaun,

I enjoyed your AeroPress puck photo.

I'm a casual bike rider -- currently I pedal around town on my ol Linear recumbent.

Best regards,

Alan Adler
AeroPress inventor

Shaun Taylor said...

Hi Alan, nice of you to drop a line and glad you enjoyed the puck photo. I'm pretty sure we could pile Aeropress pucks higher than our house and we haven't had it that long - I am really enjoying it. By the way, and I know you have heard this from several others but Kudos to you for dealing with all the commentary on coffeegeek and elsewhere no doubt. You have managed it very well.

Not sure if you will check back, if you do please check out the previous post I did "a mini-review of sorts" on the Aeropress, just as an FYI.

Recumbent... Hey any rider is ok in my books, everytime I see a recumbent I think they are tres-cool.