Sep 19, 2006

Runny nose...

I am guilty as charged, apparently I haven't been posting up enough blogtastic material about the boys. When you hear it from several folks, other than grandparents, you know the boys are due for a photo shoot. Sadly, there won't be any action shots, as Keegan is under the weather, poor little kid. He had a rough night last night and it's been a tough day for him so far. I think it's just a cold. His photo gets a PG13 rating, not for the faint of heart. If you click on his photo considered yourself duly warned. How can you resist not clicking on it now. ;-)

Dave was by last night with "Oscar" their new puppy. Cute dog, good temperament and smart. Hooked Dave up with a couple of mugs of coffee while we talked about the normal things we talk about; biking, fishing, business and generally trying to solve the world's problems in a single sentence. He hung around for supper and a couple of beers in the hottub. I made sure he left with a half pound pre-roast blend of 85% Oaxaca Finca El Olivo and 15% Ethiopian Harar. Hey wait a minute, coffee's, supper, beers and a half pound... man, you owe me. ;-)

I'm sort of sleep deprived, I've been throwing a lot of man-hours into researching where we are going to go for our big family vacation. We are taking approx five weeks off. I was contemplating Thailand a few nights ago, but was having second thoughts after the bombs that just went off, something that wouldn't have bothered me in the past but with the family, things change. Then this morning I woke up to read about the military coup that occurred last night, mmmmm, I think I will rule out Thailand this year. If anyone has a line on a coup-free villa for a few weeks, I will gladly send coffee your way until we are even. ;-)

Might post more later, for the coffee drinker's out there, here's a bit of latte art that sat around too long while I was looking for the camera.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious! I love that picture of lil' Mr. Booger... Perfect!

Shaun Taylor said...

The paper towel I used on his nose after that photo should have got an R rating. ;-)