Sep 21, 2006

Tower of Specialty

It's done. La Esmerelda Gesha is roasted. Now for the wait. Still waiting. Is it the weekend yet?

By the way, if anyone is thinking of coming over for a coffee on the weekend, we have a wonderful Ethiopan Harar, Rwandan and Malawi roasted up in the cupboard. But we are all out of coffee from Panama. ;-)


Anonymous said...

love to pop in for a coffee...but it's a bit of a trip from Vancouver

Shaun Taylor said...

Get in the car now, if you are willing to drive I'm willing to pour.

Eric said...

I just roasted up some of that Gesha yesterday. It caused a very twitchy eject finger but it is a very nice bean indeed! I wish I had been able to buy more of it.

Shaun Taylor said...

I am really looking forward to it!

With my twichy eject finger back to normal, I now have to contend with a twitchy grinder power switch finger. ;-)