Sunday I did the Bowness Nationals mountain bike race (Bow 80), it was a great day! Weather-wise you couldn't ask for better and weather on that race makes a lot of difference. When I did the race several years ago the weather wasn't nearly as good and it just wasn't as fun.

I did ok, but I was dissapointed in my time. I had a mechanical problem with my bike, the rear shock wouldn't hold air, it would lose its full charge within a 20-30min interval. I had to use my shock pump to reinflate it about eight times. I lost 41mins to that. I'm now shopping for a new shock. ;-(

For all the data geeks out there (I'm one), I rode with Doreen's Garmin Forerunner 201 and then applied it against Motion Based's web analysis engine. Which gave me the following stats:

I rode for 6hrs and 12mins. Race distance was 45miles. An elevation gain over the course of 7929' with a massive technical downhill section at one point (see the elevation vs. time image showing the Cox Hill downhill section). The fastest vertical downhill speed I achieved was 4,142 ft/min and the average ft/min combining ascent and descent was 21.3 ft/min. Average ascent grade was 8.7%, maximum ascent grade was 64.9% and maximum descent grade was 67.6%. Starting elevation was 4700' and maximum elevation gained was 7270'. Average moving speed was 7.2 mph and maximum was 53.7mph. Ascending time was 3:15, descending was 1:23 and flat was 1:25 with a stopped time of 0:41 and number of stops at 10.

OK, was that enough data for you? Here's some other fascinating trivia:

- I ate 7 or 8 powergels.
- I ate a banana and three carb-based bars.
- I drank approx 4 liters of sports rehydration fluid.
- I drank approx 1 liter of water.
- I went really fast and I went really slow.
- I had one pretty good wipe-out (don't worry the bike wasn't hurt)
- My body is sore.
- My bum hurts.


dekan said...

Nice! I like the pictures and the facts and figures! Well done :-)

Found a new shock yet?

Shaun Taylor said...

Hey Dekan, I went to your blog and saw your photo, I recognize you two guys (I was parked about seven vehicles down from where that photo was taken).

Sounds like you did well and had a great event, it sure is a big ride!!! Based on your time, we probably passed each other a few times for a while, until my rear shock went insane. ;-)

Speaking of shock, it is now on its way to Fox's N. American warranty center (in Edmonton of all places) for a professional opinion on a re-build or bury it. It looks like I am off the bike for two weeks, so the road bike will see a bit of use - as soon as I can feel my legs again, haha.

By the way, for sure you can use my stats for your site. Drop me a line anytime. And oh yeah, I have a crazy idea to do the Solo 24 Hours in Canmore - you should sign up maybe?!?! ;-)

dekan said...

Haha, Solo in Canmore? Are you serious? Rick did it this year in a team of 5 riders. I would be up for that, but solo ... I am not sure about that ;-)

Hope you shock will be back soon! According to your time we were probably in the same "hiking group" up Jumping Pound ;-) Hey, and once your bike is complete again, we could probably go on a ride together!

Ever thought about trans rockies? :-)

dekan said...

Oh, do you know if bow cycle will publish the results and pictures?

Shaun Taylor said...

Yeah, for real, I'm seriously thinking about it. I did the 5 rider team this year as well (my third one) it's fun but like the Bow 80 fun is closely tied to the weather.

I did think about the TransRockies but right now there are a few things holding me back; its quite a bit more expensive, its a much larger time commitment, you need to do it with a teammate (I don't want to slow anyone down) and my wife and boys probably wouldn't see much of it.

Let me know if you find any of the photos that all those photographers were taking. I would love to get a close up of the look on my face during that relentless Tom Snow trail portion. ;-)

dekan said...

results are on

Anonymous said...

yeah, but what kind of coffee did you drink.... c'mon man, I want to know about the important stuff!!!!

Shaun Taylor said...

Hey coffeeguzzler, nice one! ;-)

For the record I drank Malawi Mapanga AA+ Estate off the Aeropress at a 26 gram load using water halfway up the "3" oval and pressing that into approx 5oz of boiling water. On the dark highway at 0530hrs, the new Johnny Cash CD in the background, loving the coffee (made it last 30mins).

As for the rest of the day, out of the power gels I consumed, five of them were caffeinated. Interestingly enough I couldn't detect any of the subtle nuances in the gels. ;-)