It can be sooooo much fun! I just rode the "Powerman Alabama 2000" (not sure what that is???) 3D route on the CompuTrainer for just over 24mins. Why only 24mins, because I need to spin for 90mins tonight and the profile on this course gets crazy at the 25min mark (it looked like I was heading into a 80% grade and 14% was pretty rough). ;-)

Anyway, I got to go fairly hard, not full out but still a good effort - cool. What's fairly hard for me? My Lactate Threshold is approx 165bpm and anytime I pop my heartrate over 180bpm I consider that to be hard, then it's just a matter of how long I'm in that zone or close to it. But heartrate is fickle, unlike wattage. Now with power resistance training I can see how many watts I was putting out during the entire ride and better understand the ranges I was operating in. For example in this ride I can see I was in my Threshold wattage range for 5mins, I was operating in my VO2max wattage range for just over 2mins and in my Anaerobic Capacity wattage range for just over 1min. A science based approach to trg, exactly what I need. Me like.

So, again for the data geeks (but secretly to get my pal Shawn hooked on this, so we can hammer it in six months) you can see in the first image I had a 30sec period of 181bpm, which corresponded to a tough hill grade (I think it was 14%) which started at the 20min mark and ended at the 23min mark.

You can see in this next image (I grabbed from my TrainingPeaks account) that my cadence started to drop off as I entered that same hill. I managed to push up the wattage into the first half of the hill but then it dropped back as my heartrate hit the 180bpm mark. Cool. By then I was tired and mentally distracted knowing I was riding this evening, so I eased back the throttle and ended the program.

So what does all the data on those images mean. Well I averaged 208 watts over a 20min peak period which is good for now; considering I'm supposed to be doing fairly easy trg in these 13hr weeks. Heart rate, elevation, distance etc isn't as important because for now it's all about the wattage. Next time I do that route it will be better.

How to make sense of it all? I like to look at the day to day data, so I can understand what really occurred versus what I think occurred. But my main tool at the moment is Performance Management Chart from CyclingPeaks. If you click on the image you will see a lot of confusing lines (I put them in there by choice as they are things that interest me) some of it is really quite peripheral to the main focus which is something called TSB (yellow) which you can see went quite low on the 13th. What was happening on the 13th, the software and I were in agreeance, I was fatigued. Since then I have eased up on something called TSS/day (go to for a better understanding) which allowed my TSB to rise and thus I feel better/stronger/etc than the 13th. My CTL (Chronic Threshold Level - blue) is indicating the amount of chronic stress levels I am putting on my body and just as long as CTL continues to rise at a steady, manageable rate, I'm happy - 'cause rising CTL is a good thing. Anyway, enough of the acronym's (and there's lots more of them) this chart keeps me honest and lets me know the big picture historical trend with an embedded potential future outcome predictive model. Nice!

So, I ride the CompuTrainer then save the data to CyclingPeaks to analyze the ride data, then push that into the numerous historical data trend charts of CyclingPeaks. From there I push the results into TrainingPeaks where it plugs into my weekly trg plan. Ride, record, analyze, trend, plan, ride, record, analyze... you get the idea.

I've never trained like this before. For sure I've trained hard in the past, back in the day I was a pretty hard nut, but I've never trained as smart as this. A science lab in our basement? Yeah.


Anonymous said...

That's pretty crazy stuff that you've got hooked up Shaun. I know it's nuts, but when I had my heart rate monitor, my average... yes, average... for trail runs would be about 196 with a max of 210 or so. Maybe I should get that checked out...

Shaun Taylor said...

Wouldn't be too concerned Peter, Doreen's LT level is 185 and it's not unusual for her to run similar numbers to yours. Her numbers at the Dublin marathon would have caused one of my eyeballs to pop-out. Of course, I might not be drinking enough Matcha. ;-)