Oct 2, 2006

#5 CoE this week

I spent a few minutes today researching the green bean I had lined up for roasting this morning. The roast turned out beautifully, I'm looking forward to brewing it. Since the research was there I figured I would throw up a quick posting to mention a little bit about the bean - my way of spreading the education. This coffee was the #5 winner at the 2006 Nicaragua Cup of Excellence Winning Farms - Auction June 22, 2006.

Here's a direct quote from the CoE website:

"I am Pedro Antonio Agurcia Moncada, I am fifty years old, married and father of five children. My farm San Miguelito is located in el Limon, Jalapa, Nueva Segovia. This coffee growing region has one of the best natural grown conditions for growing coffee.

For 25 years I was a member of the Nicaraguan army, I retired three years ago and have been working in coffee and cattle like my forefathers full time since them. With the support and company of my father who has a life time of experience in the coffee sector, we decided to change the way we grew coffee in the past. We decided to get involved directly in the coffee plot and wet milling. We have decided to implement and abide by the recommendations that other coffee experts have given us in order to produce the bests coffee in Nicaragua.

This is my first time to participate in the Cup of Excellence and this award confirms that all the hard efforts implemented are rewarded. This achievement is not only mine but also of my father who has been key in the processes, my sons and the workers of the farm who have supported the coffee plantations during all this time. This award is an incentive to continue to grow and to implement the best processes on our farm.

Like with all the best coffees in the world I aspire that my coffee will be sold into the most demanding markets and to be served on the most demanding tables of the world."

Yet another very cool story.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys ...Garry your neighbor here...just checking to see if you made it to Vietnem.
You obviously did,and itlooks and sounds like your are having a great experience! Alls quiet on the homefront. The weather is back up to +7c so the walks and driveway are a pieace of cake!!
Anyway...that's it for now...happy travels!

Shaun Taylor said...

Hey Garry, thx for that. +7C that's gotta be luxury. ;-)