So, it is now official with the plane tickets in the mail, we are heading off to Vietnam for a vacation. How long? A paltry 40 days. ;-)

We are landing in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and pretty soon after the plane comes to a halt we are heading for a sand-filled beachy-type place (yet to be determined) then gradually making our way up North, one funky spot at a time (yet to be determined) until we hit the Chinese border (the border has been determined and we plan on stopping just short of it in a town called Sapa). The vacation comes to an end on day 41 when we fly out of Hanoi. As you can see, the precise vacation intinerary is a little vague at the moment (don't worry Ruth, it's all under control, haha). It's not like the old days, when you could hit the ground running and basically figured the country out as you bounced along. Kids - they change things. I think at 19mths old, Keegan is a bit young for hardcore hostelling and such.

Well, as the details get ironed out I will post some of it up. I already have my little peabrain stuffed to the limits with tips, comments, routes, pricing, things to watch out for - essentially a ton of Internet research. If anyone has been recently or has something to say on the matter, drop me a line.

This is kind of funny. I rode for nearly two hours (74kms) on the Computrainer this afternoon. My training plan calls for me riding it at an easy pace in zone 1 heart rate (under 132bpm). Good plan. But I was riding to the U2 DVD, "Live from Slane Castle" and it was cranked. As you can see (screenshot pulled from my Suunto T6 watch) the further into the DVD I got the faster I was riding and the higher my heart rate went - an hour into the DVD and my pace was way higher than it should have been. Way higher. Way, higher. Ooops, thankfully I managed to reverse the curve and bring things back down to where they needed to be. I think I will have to reserve that DVD for the hard workout days, now where is that Kenny G DVD, maybe even a little bit of Zamfir and his Pipe Flutes? ;-)