Shawn and I got back from the Elk/Whitetail Deer hunt yesterday evening - without Elk or Deer. It was fantastic to be out in the mountains with a pal doing serious guy-time. Something about laying in the dirt, breathing the fresh mountain air and allowing the sixth sense of hunting to blossom. What did we see? We let a doe go, she was only 50 meters from us but she had a baby trotting in behind her. We saw a few other flashes but nothing significant. I bino'd a very large female Grizzly and her two cubs up on a ridgeline across the valley from my position (and only 500m's from Shawn's position across the valley from me) - kinda cool to watch all three of them standing up on their back legs to look at things. But, even though it was a full-on Mother Nature event, we were out there to hunt and we did return empty-handed, them's the breaks. Some data off the Garmin (incomplete as I didn't use it for the entire trip)... We covered just over 20km's, had an elevation gain of over 6000', our maximum elevation was 6,669' and minimum elevation was 4,569', I burned a lot of calories.

We weren't too heavy, 50-60lb packs for the 48hrs. By the time we arrived at the trailhead and humped in to our first campsite it was nearly midnight. Shawn celebrated the successful tent-pitch by hauling out a bottle of wine (I think he just wanted to lighten up his pack, haha). Next morning had us moving to our heavy gear cache point and then with lighter loads we hunted up to the top of Fly Hill this photo is shortly after we finally got to the top.

We spent some time glassing the surrounding areas and hunting below the ridgeline then hunted back down to the cache site that evening for a coffee, followed by a dusk hunt.

On the last morning, tragedy nearly struck. While brewing up the morning coffee, before heading out for the peaks again, I couldn't find the filter for the Aeropress. I ended up fashioning a filter out of a baby wipe (I brought some along for general wipedown). It worked like a charm and it was only after the brew was committed to baby wipedom that I found the real filter laying on the ground folded up and blending in with the dirt next to the grinder. Improvise, adapt, overcome as the old saying goes.


Dave Coish said...

Nice to see you still know how a canteen cup works. Good to know you're still keeping up on the "skills". Does this mean you finally learned how to shoot? I jest of course. Drop a line sometime.

Shaun Taylor said...

Hey Dave! Glad you dropped in, hope things are going well out on the west coast. Geez, as I remember it, didn't I learn to shoot from you? ;-)

Will drop you a line.