Oct 29, 2006

Don't be scared

No, I'm not talking about my writing style and poor choice of humour, I'm talking pumpkins. You know, the scary-carve-a-pumpkin kinda pumpkins. When I got home from the mountains, Doreen press-ganged me into pumpkin carving duty before I got to shower off the salty grime from biking. She had already done the grunt work of de-gutting the pumpkins, now it was time to call in the dremel tool wielding pumpkin surgeon. Doreen drew on two and I did the other two (which ones did Doreen draw on, here's a hint: think "Happy pumpkins"). Once the pumpkin spray had settled the results were placed on the front porch so the boys could choose their favorite.

Fast forward 12 hours and the pumpkin scenery had changed somewhat. About five inches of snow and cold blowing wind had descended (couldn't it wait until November?). I'm surprised Doreen's pumpkins are still smiling. The boys were pretty excited about the snowy difference and got to roll around in snowsuits with Doreen just behind the house. When they got back in I asked Keegan if he had fun and with a single head nod he gave me a "yah" - which is currently his favorite word and may have no relationship to the question I asked.

I'm sure you are all dying to know how the -9 TSB ride went yesterday... ahhhhh yah. Well, for the one person who might be on the edge of their seat, -9 TSB feels great. I picked Dave up at his place and dropped some coffee on his kitchen counter (a Honduran CoE, a Nicaraguan CoE and the remainder of that nice little espresso blend I was pulling at the end of the week). After hitting MEC (where I grabbed the new cleats you see in this photo) we headed out to Canmore. Dave and I mainly rode the Nordic Center for a couple of hours, then rode up the hill towards Spray Lakes and then dived down into a really gnarly technical steep called "The Reclaimer". Not a trail you want to do while simultaneously working on that little math equation that's been bugging you all week. After hitting the bottom, we spun back to the Nordic Center at which point we separated with Dave riding down to the bagel shop and me riding a few more hills. I only logged 3.5 hours, I was hoping to get four or five. Nevertheless, it was a great day in the mountains with lots of hill work and lots of fast little technical steeps on the Nordic Center side. Schweet.


Marnie said...

HI Shaun,

It is funny happening on somebody's blog that I feel I "should" know... or at least I know a bit about through your obvious passion for coffee, cycling, and some cute kids (I am sure maybe not in that order... and I am sure your wife fits in there too...).

I thought you might appreciate that before, after, or both your rides you will ~soon~ have a GREAT place in Canmore to get an amazing espresso out of our new 2 group Synesso! (Yes, I know... the coffee situation in Canmore has been dire for a while!) The Communitea Cafe (yes, great "TEA" and COFFEE) is set to open mid December. As for beans, we are deciding between Intelligentsia or the more local Big Mountain... (let me know your thoughts on this).

So bring the skis/ bike, the wife and the kids, the space is going to be BIG and family friendly. Introduce yourself... and I will gladly pull a shot on the house for you! I love your passion for coffee, and I am sure you have some things to teach me about it.


Marnie Dansereau
Communitea Cafe
Canmore, AB
Corner of 6th Ave & 10th Street

Shaun Taylor said...

Marnie, that sounds fantastic! Lucky you, budgeting for a sweet espresso machine and flexibility to get great beans - awesome!!!

Absolutely drop me a line: staylor@attglobal.net and I will provide input.

Nice one!