Oct 11, 2006

Me like espresso

Recently I have had a fixation with the Aeropress. I have been giving it a school of hard knocks testing and forming opinions. Needless to say, and I know you have already seen this if you are a regular reader of this all-over-the-ice (it's a Cdn thing) blog, I really like it as a coffee brewing device. It puts out a great cup of coffee. Add to that, it's quite possibly impervious to any forms of abuse from regular kitchen use, or abuse from curious sons and even handles backcountry hunting with ease. It may not have a Kryptonite weakness, so move over Superman.

The proof that I like it exists by the obligation to recommend it. Last night I went up to my buddy Shawn's place to watch the Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock UFC fight. I took him a half pound batch of Sumatra Lintong and Ethiopian Harrar and once again advised he grab an Aeropress (if you read this Shawn, you are now in the open as having received good advice and not capitalizing on it) so for me to recommend it to friends (several times) says something.

Still, with all the goodness I am drinking from that little polycarbonate tube, it's so good to pull a nice shot of espresso.

The espresso I pulled this morning is just about the sweetest shot I think I have ever had. Sweet as in honey sweet without the honey taste, not sweet as in "dude, that was so sweet, you totally mashed that rad pitch". Daterra Sweet Yellow. Sweet. Throw in the Aged Timor Maubesse and you have some chocolate action going on. The blend is only 3.5 days old and I look forward to pulling it in a couple more days.

Always more to talk about but I really have to jump on the bike saddle and let the Computrainer punish me. I think I'm going to crack into one of the Tour de France routes, wondering if there will be any climbing? ;-)


Jay said...

Daterra Sweet Yellow was the first coffee to 'WOW' me.

Was this the 250 gram sampler or did you purchase some? Inquiring minds want to know. ;-)

Shaun Taylor said...

Hey Jay,

Therein lies the problem, I had used half of that 250gm batch you sent me on an earlier blend so it left me with approx 125gms. So I used the reamining 125gms and then I topped up the Daterra side of things with some more Daterra I got from Greg (the Daterra Yellow Bourbon) and I was thinking they might be the same??? I will have to confirm with him, or do you know?