Oct 23, 2006


Yup, that was a muddy ride. Sunday, we all headed out to Bragg Creek so I could rip around Telephone Loop again (thx honey). The plan was to do a lap then wait for Shawn and his family to meet us in the parking lot at which time he and I would head out for another lap while everyone else got to throw sticks, rocks and look for bugs. After my first lap I realized the trail conditions weren't going to be a whole lot of fun the second time around. Even though I had a pretty good time and felt good the trail was a mix of snow, ice, mud, frozen puddles, mud, some dry patches, some mud and patches of mud mixed in with some frozen mud. There was also some mud. This photo doesn't really capture the filthy-ness but I can safely say the bike and I were well and truly mudded.

The cool thing about the ride (besides crashing through the ice on the frozen puddles and letting it freeze on bare shins) was the loop yesterday was several minutes faster than the last time I did the loop and the trail conditions were sooooo much worse. Yay! After my loop I met Doreen and the boys in the parking lot and waited for Shawn and gang to show. 30mins later we were riding again but our ride window was compressed so we could only do about 50mins on an alternate route which was much cleaner and shorter (approx 9kms). We took it fairly easy and got to chat a bit. It all worked out well for a two family hike/bike/picnic kinda day. After the ride we all headed back to our place where all the adults and kids ended up in our hottub at one point or another. Lovely.

Geeky data gathered (on Doreen's Garmin 305) during the ride: Total elevation gain 3991ft, Maximum ascent grade 27%, Maximum descent grade 40%, Maximum speed 41mph, Total distance 15.7miles, Average heart rate 130bpm, Maximum heart rate 164bpm. Happy factor = High.