Oct 9, 2006

The new Turkey Queen

Turkey Queen in da house. Don't let that phony Engineering ring fool ya, and certainly don't fall for that suspicious looking business card that says Project Manager on it. Doreen is really a covert kitchen operative, eager to deploy her ninja-like turkey basting skills. And deploy them she did. Nine adults, four kids and one black lab, one wedding anniversary, one birthday and one Statutory Holiday all dealt with in a blink of an eye, or in this case the flash of a ninja turkey sword. Round of applause for the Turkey Queen (oh and thanks to Ruth from bringing down the deelish cakes).

All this week Evan has been talking about blowing out b-day candles. Here's the big moment (aren't all moments big when you are little?) now its over I'm left wondering what Evan is going to "mention to me" this week, repetitively, 30 or 40 times. ;-)

Here's the obligatory group photo on the back deck. Keegan looks a bit confused; I'm not sure if it was the flashing red light on the camera for the self-timer that was throwing him off or his system was overloaded with Tryptophan (you can Google it). By the end of the day the boys had soaked up a lot of fun. Hope they can help me soak up all the leftovers - does turkey work well with cereal and yogurt in the morning?