Oct 24, 2006

Older than the hills

Title courtesy of Amanda, who's Amanda? Well she is a great barista who used to work for me until I fired her for being too cocky, disrespectful of her elders and being annoyingly short - I mean really short, embarrassingly short, shorter than short (Amanda will be the manager in my next cafe', fingers crossed - you know you rock it sistah). Anyway, she sent me an email this afternoon wishing me a happy birthday and accusing me of being "Older than the hills" and she also made some offhand remark about probably being 50 or something like that. I mentioned the "Older than the hills" thing to Doreen, Evan overheard and repeated back "Over the hill" - Oh the younger generation. ;-)

What was my b-day all about besides hitting 43? Well Doreen surprised me with a couple of prezzies before supper (told her I didn't need anything but she always does something anyway - thx hon) Evan and Keegan helped me unwrap them. Great gifts, a pair of cycling shorts and a Restaurant Guide (more about that in a minute). For supper, Doreen hooked me up with my fave home-cooked meal. It's a crazy chicken dish marinated in apple cider vinegar, onions, garlic and a pile of other stuff then baked in the oven and served on rice. I haven't seen it in any restaurants, so if you ever want to taste it you will have to ask Doreen nicely. It is soooooo good.

To the Restaurant Guide... It's John Gilchrist's new edition and over the years we have had several of his books. I enjoy reading them, discovering new places and being exposed to well written culinary reviews. There are over 230 recommended spots in this book which was printed in Aug 2006, about half of the spots are new since his last book in 2003. In the past I have driven Doreen crazy by sticking my nose in the guide book for far too long as I consider where we should try if we want to eat out. It only gets worse if I'm in a "particular type of restaurant" mood (I'm a particular type of guy). Once again, you're the best hon!!! The boys were pretty happy it was my b-day, they got to chow down on some berries and cheesecake after the chicken extravaganza. Not long after this photo, Keegan picked up the plate and started licking it, at one point he was trying to gnaw a piece off the plate. Keegan likes.


Gobs said...

Belated Happy Birthday. I have been tempted several times to do just as keegan did but I had to control myself. Those were lots of plates missed. Glad you had a good one.

Shaun Taylor said...

Hey Gobs, nice to hear from you, I dropped by your site a little while ago and saw it was "under-construction". Come on, don't hold out on us. ;-)

I just took a look at some of your photos, enjoyed the choked out chute photo!

Gobs said...

Thanks! Would you accept my excuse if I told you my dog ate my blog? Nah, not sure you would.

Just got busy living and ran out of things to say I guess. I think photo blogs are easier......but we shall see maybe one of these days I may get back to it.

As for the grinder, a mod is in the works when and if the parts arrive.

Shaun Taylor said...

C'mon, your life has got to be more interesting than diaper changing. Maybe you need grandparents that you have to keep up to date. ;-)