A nice day in the mountains yesterday. We headed out to West Bragg Creek to the trailhead at Telephone Loop. The plan was to meet up with friends; Doreen was going to hike with Evan and Keegan while I got to put some saddle-time in. Here's a photo of Keegan exploring, he sure is starting to look more grown up.

When Evan wasn't amusing himself with a walking stick he found time to help a damsel in distress/hookup with a date for the weekend (Bob, you better start worrying right now).

Now to the saddle-time. While everybody was enjoying finding sticks I got to jump over them. A lap of Telephone Loop took 75mins to complete, so I got to do two loops then ride 10kms back into Bragg Creek to meet up with everyone for a picnic at the playground. Doreen took this photo just after I bumped into them heading out for my second lap. Thanks to Bob for lulling Keegan into a pre-sleep coma.

And what does a muddy little hiking trail look like when you sniff at some of the ride data? Even though it wasn't a super gnarly singletrack hammer-fest it was still really good trg. The stop times were to chat with the fam on lap two, chat with a couple of horseback riders on both laps, stare at a deer and falling over (while balancing my bike doing a map check and subsequently laying on the ground and laughing at myself). Ignore the average heartrate zone of 3.3 as it applies to Doreen's setting on the Garmin 305 (I was "borrowing" her Garmin). Also ignore the caloric burn, again these are Doreen's settings and my best guess would be that I burned approx 1500 calories. During the ride I consumed nothing but Hammer Gel and Hammer Heed, so there was no solid food taken during the ride and I felt good. So, if you like geeky data, there's some geeky data to wrap your head around.