Oct 18, 2006

Roast that coffee

Temperature wise it's been pretty cool the last few days. Today has started a warming trend, right now it's seven degrees Celsius. Since the cold spell started a few days ago I've done about four roasts in the garage but with the warmer weather today the Hottop got cleaned up, then... a new rear filter (can you believe I finally replaced the original after 120 roasts and before anyone asks I just kept washing it very carefully) and last but not least a general shining up so it could be all sparkle-ish in the sun.

I just finished roasting up a batch of:

- Sulawesi Toraja
- Yemen Ismaili Hirazi
- Sumatra Lintong Top Pick
- Al Haj Yemen Mocca Matari

The Batch is a 1:1:1:1 ratio, so it should make for a pretty interesting Aeropress brew and maybe an espresso shot or two.

Next up is a straight batch of Panama Carmen Estate. The last batch is going to be some form of a diabolically complex and over the top espresso blend, I really want to do a superfreak for espresso this weekend. Ok, since I started to write this post I have measured out my batch and decided on something less than superfreakish but it should still be quasi-diabolical:

- Brazil Cachoeira Estate Red Catuai
- Uganda AA Bugisu
- Ethiopian Makeda Harar
- Indian Mysore Nuggets
- Ethiopian Dry Processed Yirgacheffe

On the home front...

Doreen is buried at work right now. She is doing her normal (abnormal) workload plus she took on the additional responsibility of Proposal Manager for a very large job bid. See you in a couple of weeks honey.

Evan and Keegan are doing really good. Evan isn't sure if he wants to be a train conductor or a domino player.

Riding is going according to plan, I can feel the improvements though my legs are pretty tired. Last night Doreen didn't get home until 9:00PM so that left me on the Computrainer starting at 11:00PM and finishing a couple of hours later. Evan was up early this morning, boohoo. Bring on the coffee love.