Oct 16, 2006

Saving a DP Yirg

I had a roasting tragedy a few days ago. I was roasting up some Dry Processed Yirgacheffe and got distracted with the boys. Ugh, it went into second crack, about 10-15 seconds into second crack. Yup, that's oil you see on there. That wasn't the plan, boohoohoo. Doreen says its still fine but I can't drink it knowing what it should be offering. Still, it's DP Yirg, so let's throw it in an espresso blend and see what happens. That's what I did this morning, using the last of the Daterra and Aged Timor Maubesse blend from last week. I blended up three shots using various ratios of the Yirg with the other blend. All of the shots were good, really good, really really good. I feel bad about the roast but over the next couple of days I will pull the DP Yirg as Single Origin shots and I still have about a pound of that DP Yirg green left, phew!

Speaking of DP, the Dry Processed Sidamo I roasted up last week is pretty amazing through the Aeropress. Talk about a berry muffin in a cup. While its grinding it smells like freshly baked berry muffin, seriously. And the same goes for the taste, obviously it's not pure liquid muffin, there is a strong sense of coffee coming through but you could swear someone dropped some muffin in there. It makes for a satisfying, soothing morning coffee which is just far enough off the beaten palate track to be uniquely different. I like it!

Oh yeah, its Oct 16th and it snowed this morning!


bobbyk said...

what! i never saw the hookup between evan and kai. very tactful. evan's been added to my 'watched list'

Shaun Taylor said...

Haha, that's right Bob and with your soon to be new house location it will be much easier for Evan to sneak over there. ;-)