Oct 27, 2006

The three C's

Coffee, Costumes & Cycling of course.

Thought I should cover most of the bases in this edition. For the last few days I have been pulling shots off the notable espresso blend detailed in the first photo which I took yesterday. At eight days post-roast, this was a lovely little concoction and highly recommended if you have the greens laying around. Even though the focus is a bit off in the second photo, I like the silky sheen coming off the crema.

That little demitasse is a really thin-walled ceramic and only 1.25 ounce to the top. As you can see in this photo the shot settled down to about .75 ounces and was deeelish. As were the next two shots to follow it. The last photo shows our practice run on the Halloween costumes down in the basement today. Love the look on Keegan's face, he's still not too sure about the Panda Bear thing. Can't blame the kid at 19 months old Panda Bears probably aren't cool yet, that happens sometime around 22 months I think. ;-)

Tomorrow, I'm hooking up with Dave and heading out to Canmore to ride mountain bike, hopefully for 4-5 hours. It should be a pretty good day, weather looks like it will cooperate but who knows really as it is the mountains afterall. I was supposed to ride today but took it off. The day before I eased up a bit as well to let my Chronic Training Load level off a bit and bring my Acute Training Load down some. My Training Stress Balance is now at its best position since a month ago, it is only minus 9, so I'm looking forward to seeing how that translates into the real world out on the singletrack. Starting next week I'm going to start punishing my TSB and pushing it down futher than I have taken it before. None of that made sense? Go to this site, read, scratch your head, read some more and then say - aha!