Nov 15, 2006

A blustery night ride

Did a one hour night ride around the bike path tonight. It was crazy windy. I took Pico along for the first lap and she managed ok while I was pounding into the wind but as soon as I got the wind behind me she was left in the dust. I ended up dropping her off at the house and heading out for another lap and proceeded to add some intensity to make up for slower pace with Pico. I think I achieved the intensity as noted when I re-experienced the tomato and garlic spaghetti supper from an hour prior, gurgling back up to the top of my throat. Nice!

With Vietnam starting to approach on the horizon I made the first official hotel booking; seven nights at this resort. I think by Cdn standards it would be a three star hotel on the beach. I have read some positive reviews and with the Air-Con, a swimming pool, etc it should be great for the boys and Doreen. Mui Ne is going to be our first stop after Ho Chi Minh City (we land in HCM on the night of 03 Dec) it is a quiet beach area near a small fishing port. The beach is 21kms long and has a number of resorts along the entire strip. As you can see, it's pretty hot at that time of year, our resort is not only recognized as a family-friendly setup but it is in the middle of some well-recommended restaurants just down the street. When the strip is 21kms long, it's good to be close to "the action". Deploying some careful Internet digging I managed to do better than the published rate, all in with breakfast for $50US per night.

Now it's on to Dalat, I'm hoping for $20US per night. ;-)