Ruth (Doreen's mom) sent us these two photos this morning. Ruth and George looked after the boys last weekend while Doreen and I went to the Fluor Canada Christmas party. It was a nice evening out.

Doreen looked great, I'm a lucky guy.

A week from now we are heading up to Edmonton for our flight to Vietnam. Pico is going to be getting the royal treatment in Edmonton, courtesy of Dean (longtime friend of Doreen's) and Dean's wife Deidra. We are eternally grateful for their kind offer and that's why they are the first official members of my "VIP no expense spared, worlds finest homeroast shipped to anywhere in Edmonton" club. I've already sent up some couriered whole bean packages and haven't received any negative press yet, phew! ;-)

This weekend consists of arranging backpacks, medical kits and the like. Its a good weekend for it, since it is -20 Celsius before wind chill right now. Yikes.


Jay said...

Yes indeed you are a lucky man, young Shaun Taylor. I must say you clean up quite well yourself.

Now don't forget to send a few "Alberta Clippers" our way. It was 60 Fahrenheit today. ;-)

Shaun Taylor said...

Jay you just out-Canadiana'd me. I had to look that one up, as I hadn't heard the term for quite some time.

Nice one.

Jay said...

Well we are finally receiving our first "Alberta Clipper" of the season! It has left about 15 cm of nice light snow atop of the 15 cm of wet snow from a Gulf storm. And another "Clipper" is on the way, too.

Thanks for sending them all the way from Vietnam. You are magic Shaun!

Shaun Taylor said...

Nice Jay, break out the wax! ;-)