Nov 12, 2006

Evan is...

3 years old, as made official at the all you can eat pizza and birthday cake party. The adult's hit the pizza, while the kidlets saved it up for the b-cake and ice cream. Doreen picked out a cool "Lightning McQueen" race car theme-cake as seen here.

Once the car was removed from the cake so the cake could be cut, we still aren't sure if Evan was checking the undercarriage for oil leaks or attached b-cake icing - you can decide. ;-)

More about coffee and riding bikes and Battlestar Galactica, in the next episode.


Gobs said...

Pizza.....birthday cream.....hard to choose given the choice whether to sit with the adults or the kids. I would probably find a spot in between the adults and the kids. Best of both worlds. Belated Happy Birthday Evan.

Shaun Taylor said...

I'll let Evan know you would have helped him find the icing on the car. ;-)

Can you believe I only made four latte's the entire evening??? Something to do with beer and wine getting in the way, haha.

Gobs said...

Let me guess...the four supervising parents chose latte's while Evan, Keegan and friends chose the beer and wine. Not bad. Growing hairs on their chests quite early.

I know the feeling when you have been waiting for an event to let out the supressed barista in you and everyone finds more comfort with booz. So I came up with a fail proof solution........ Start the event really really early in the around 6 am ;-)