Coffee in the morning, three necessary items:

- Good grinder
- Aeropress
- Good coffee

In this case it is the Guatemala Trapichitos. A molasses & cigar-like smokiness. It's really good. The smokiness has little to do with the roast level as I have roasted a few batches of this one and you always get the cigar. World-class. I posted up on this coffee a few months ago, there is a great story behind it, in fact one of my fave stories - go find it.

Edit: Tonight I finished reading a book titled "Freakonomics - A rogue economist explores the hidden side of everything" (it's an easy read, it took me approx three hours). On the front cover a reviewer is quoted as saying "Prepare to be dazzled". Maybe my frame of reference is way off but the strongest I could go was "Prepare to be initially interested but bored by the end due to the repetition and lack of real mind-boggling material". I'm an information junkie. Coincidentally the authors spend a good deal of time discussing the Internet and it's information gathering abilities as a gap-closing phenomenon but it's through the medium of the Internet that books like this have lost their potential impact for me. Ummmm, I had bumped into the "dazzling" stuff in this book out on the Internet some time ago, how ironic.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful coffee - are you a home roaster of coffee?