Have you ever heard that saying, "bad luck comes in three's". Well I'm good for the day if that's the case. This morning I was replacing the flapper, timing cup etc in the upstairs bathroom (that would be the Fluidmaster 555C, of course). While on my hands and knees turning the water supply back on (with Evan standing on my foot and Keegan hanging onto my arm - 'cause they are helping me) the boys decide to scrap for the most prominent "help daddy" position. It's a big one, they are on the ground rolling at which point I get up to intervene. Here's where we begin our three count:

1) While standing up, don't bang your head off the floofy wire rack that is supporting a now non-existent glass vase with associated cork stopper containing amongst other things a variety of leaves, twigs, grasses, essential almond oil and other decorative "niceties". Gravity took it's inevitable path and the immovable object was the porcelain toilet which is apparently harder than the now non-existent glass vase. It was like a knick-knack grenade went off! Oil everywhere, yellow grass hanging off my forearm, nice. Not sure where a person buys these things, we adopted it when we bought the house. The upside, the boys were interested and the scrapping stopped.

2) While cleaning up the almond scented oil (really, why scent it, it's in a sealed container) which had the viscosity of engine oil, I was fortunate enough to embed several glass shards in my hand in the haste to clean it up before the boys got too helpful. The upside, the sharp slivers were enough of a nuisance throughout the morning to prompt this post - lucky you.

3) Back in the hands and knees position, de-oiling the grenade damaged area, Evan thoughtfully informed me "Hey daddy, there's poop on the couch". Nice. The upside, it gave me something to do once I was finished with the twigs and such.

So, there's the three for the day, all out of the way before noon. Perfect. Now I know I can hop on the Computrainer to do my spin-ups today, without worrying about the locking mechanism releasing and propelling myself into the wall.