Nov 6, 2006

Plug it

Ever get a flat tire? I've had lots of flats while cycling, but they aren't part of today's ramble. In the 27 years or so that I've been driving cars or motorbikes I've only had a handful of motorized flats. In the past it's been pretty easy, jack it up, throw on the spare and go get the tire fixed or replaced. Well that's how it should work and that's what I was trying to do for the last few days - but we live in Calgary. Calgary's economic engine is on fire right now, there are desperate shortages of skilled and unskilled labour all over the city, huge lineups everywhere, lack of materials and so on and so forth. In Calgary and in the case of a flat tire it turns into a fix it yourself option. So it was a first for me last night as I was using pliers to pull out the chunk of steel construction bar that looks like it didn't belong in my tire and proceed to unleash a Tire Plug Kit. Once completed I have to say that the next time we get a flat and if it's pluggable, I'm doing it myself.

Here's a great photo from this morning. Shortly after the boys got up I left them to their own devices while I brushed my teeth, within a matter of minutes they had both climbed into Keegan's rocking chair and Evan was trying to read a book for both of them. It was pretty funny, since Evan can't really read but he was getting pretty creative about a dog, some sausages, an apple and an umbrella.


Jay said...

Boy I miss shopping at Canadian Tire! ;-)

Shaun Taylor said...

Nice one Jay, if you ever need me to drop in there to get a toboggan, hunting jacket, can of paint or hammer - just let me know. ;-)