Nov 15, 2006

Railroad bliss

It's a good morning when the boys cooperatively hit the railyard in Evan's room and get on with shunting the cargo around the railshed (how's that for train lingo). The second photo shows a closeup of the station master's (that would be me) efforts, thus allowing the train track to cross a river full of crocodiles.

The training is going pretty good. One thing is for sure, the CompuTrainer is punishing. A relentless taskmaster it never eases up, there is no such thing as coasting, you are always spinning. You can spin easy or hard but you can't coast - it requires perpetual motion. An hour on SpinMaster or one of the 3D courses and you know there wasn't any wasted time. It's really just a simple case of how many watts to push. I'm starting to tune into the relationship between the data I'm pulling out of CyclingPeaks versus how my body feels. Once unfamiliar and cryptic terms like ATL, CTL, TSS, TSB and the ever present Mean Max w/kg now seem like part of my everyday thoughts - that's good right?. Till now I have really just been setting up a good baseline from which I can launch a series of punishing intense efforts. So the wattage will increase between now and when we leave for Vietnam. The goal is to get on the plane thoroughly fatigued and looking forward to a decent recovery nutrition plan - airline pretzels, yah! Once in Vietnam, I need to find ways to maintain my fitness for the 40 days, I'm not sure I will be able to advance my fitness as I won't be able to get the same volume of riding in. Whether I have to pull the family up hills in a rickshaw or do pushups with Keegan on my back, I'll find a way.

On the coffee front, I have been roasting up more coffee for friends and acquaintances than I have for home. That's fine, I actually enjoy putting together unique blends for others and I do have some incredibly good green beans to do it with. At the moment I'm on day two of a Costa Rican/Yemen blend, the Yemen is the Al Haj Mokha Matari and I went a bit strong on the ratio and am finding it a bit too intensely spicy; hope it mellows a bit over the next couple of days. A nice espresso blend I put together several days ago and am desperate to try, still sits in Doreen's office taken there by mistake (or was it by mistake, maybe Doreen is really a coffee squirrel, gathering her coffee stash before the oncoming winter harshness). If the blend doesn't come back today I may have to pull on my black nomex balaclava, fastrope onto her roof, set an explosive window hydrocharge and recover my espresso. Maybe even hide all her red pens as a reminder not to mess with an espresso addiction.

Ok, Battlestar Galactica. We don't have cable or satellite, not even a set of rabbit ear antenna. So any television viewing is DVD. Lots of folks have mentioned how good the Battlestar Galactica series is, I was suspicious based on my memories of the original series when I was a kid. But, I have to say after watching the first three episodes of season 1 as a DVD rental, it's pretty good. Anyone want to lend me the rest of the series? ;-)


Gobs said...

What will be the theme music of said coffee recovery mission?

Shaun Taylor said...

It's been a while since I put a 30rnd magazine in an MP-5 and rappelled through a window - so I would have to guess it might be the theme song from "The Benny Hill Show". ;-)