it's $38US per night all in, including breakfast. We are heading for the Heart Hotel in Hanoi (I booked it last night) staying in one of their Deluxe Lake View room (I think there are a total of 10 rooms in the hotel, so it should have a personal feel about it). As mentioned, Hanoi was a bear to figure out, all the forums I was using for Hanoi were recommending so many hotels it became impossible to choose the hotel that really rose to the top at certain price points. Throw in a sensible budget and that rules out the $100US+++ per night at the likes of the Sofitel, Sheraton and Hanoi Horison's. There are some boutique-ish hotels that look quite nice for another $30-40US more per night but I think this hotel should work out ok. We are only booked in for three nights so far, the plan is to head out to Halong Bay overnight then come back to Hanoi and finish off the vacation either in this hotel (if it's good for the kids) or something similar.

It's -14 Celsius right now and I just shoveled the snow off the driveway, we are heading for 30 Celsius. Nice.

Time to go jump on the CompuTrainer and do some sprints.


Jay said...

Jagshemash, 85 celsius, now that is way too warm for this blood. Nice...........Not. ;-)

Have a good trip!

Shaun Taylor said...

Hey Jay, I had to look that one up, Jagshemash, I assume you got it from Borat? I haven't seen it yet, though I recently read they are starting to get lawsuits because their signed waivers aren't strong enough to protect them from money-hungry participants who now realize the movie made money.

Well, I'm looking out the study window on a rather bleak -15 Celsius (before wind) and I can tell you... sandals are sounding pretty good right about now. ;-)

Jay said...

Ya welcome to the U S and E, eh. ;-)

I have not seen the movie yet either, but it sounds unique.

I am longing for some snow! My son has skied 10 times already this season in southern Colorado and it is 58 Fahrenheit here in Michigan. No snow predicted for over a week.

Say, when you lock the house for your trip can you send a lil of the white stuff our way. You won't be needing it. ;-)

I am anxious to hear of your trip. You are very ambitious to do such a trip with such young ones. Actually some charts of your heart rate carrying two children would be nice to know. ;-)

Have a great time!

Shaun Taylor said...

Funny enough I plan on doing squats with the boys on my shoulders. Look for heart rates courtesy of the kidlets. ;-)

Don't you worry, from what I know of Michigan you will have snow soon enough, haha.

domestic rat said...

Hihi... I chanced upon your blog as I'm surfing the net on Vietnam. We are also planning a trip there in mid-Dec. Are you planning to cover Hoi An, Hue, and Sapa?

Shaun Taylor said...

"domestic rat" now that's a tag you don't see too often. Initially I was concerned as I headed for your website but it turns out you have a super-cool Wordpress thing going on and I dig the photog's.

The itinerary: land in HCMC then move northwards in this order... Mui Ne, Dalat, Hoi An (Christmas), Hue (New Years), Hanoi. We hit Hanoi on 02 Jan and are planning for Halong Bay. I think Sapa weather at that time of year is unfavourable and given the process to get there I think we are going to pass on it.

Anonymous said...


I enjoyed reading your blog on your VN trip planning. I envy you people who can take a 40-day vacation at a time. :-) :-)

Did you pay for all those hotels up front by credit card?

I look forward to reading your reviews on TA and have a wonderful time in Vietnam.

A Trip Advisor poster from Calgary

Shaun Taylor said...

Hey Chad2001,

Your trip isn't too far away now I guess, fortunately we are escaping the insano Calgary weather far sooner; I mean come one, -40 in November.

Anyway, for pay up front... The Dalat piece is simply a verbal agreement following my initial email. The remainder are a balance between full pay (Agoda/Precision Reservations) and the others which either required 10% or nothing. I balanced the full pay with Agoda against the others that didn't require full pay and it was simply Agoda's competitive rates that inevitably grabbed my business.

I'm taking a laptop with us, for forward movement planning using the forums, so I will post up any experiences. If you want to hook up after our trip return you can let me know on TA.