Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) quite late at night on 03 Dec. After traveling approx 24 hours I will be pretty happy to step into our hotel the Indochine Hotel. It's a bargain accommodation and had positive reviews, mainly discussing the attention from the staff and as I understand it the hotel owner lives on site (interestingly, after I contacted the hotel and negotiated the room rate and dates, I got a reply email from the owner welcoming us - nice). We are paying $30US per night, all in, with breakfast. Also paying $10US for a signed airport pickup. Ho Chi Minh City is supposed to be a fairly hectic city, no matter, we will be on a beach on the 6th. One thing's for sure, I'm looking forward to hitting the restaurants/street vendors and cafe's. Even if there weren't a ton of things to go and do in HCM City, I'm sure we could be equally entertained by just sitting at a sidewalk cafe, while watching the frenetic energy of mopeds and cyclos rolling right past us. It should be a bit of culture shock for the boys, I just hope Keegan doesn't start mimicking all the beeping moped horns - like he does when the microwave "dings".