in Hue of course. I just finished another piece of the Vietnamese puzzle, six nights booked in a nice little bargain-boutique hotel called the Orchid Hotel. Cooler than Mui Ne and similar to Dalat the temps will be bearable for Doreen and the boys. Hue is an interesting city, full of history and culture; it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Royal Tombs, famous culinary trends, amongst other things. Did I mention history? Well, I'm sure to post more about this in the future. I'm a little concerned that six nights in Hue might be a bit long but the timing of New Years Eve may disrupt regular tourism so I think it's better to stay an extra night (so we can travel on the 2nd rather than the 1st) so things can settle back into their regular flow.

I have had my eye on the Orchid Hotel for a few weeks now but like all of my research I have left it to this concentrated crunch-time of booking them all within a 24-48 hour period to make sure they all mesh. The best deal I could find was at all in for $33US per night. I used hostelbookers as they only require 10% down to hold the spot, it is $1US cheaper per night than directly through the hotel and the booking site gives a kickback of a $5US telephone card for the booking. Other sites wanted upwards of $40US per night plus charging extra for breakfast/VAT/booking fees/gov't tax, uhmmmm, no thanks. The Orchid Hotel, which is only five months old has a good location across the bridge from the Forbidden City and it gets very good reviews on Trip Advisor, Virtual Tourist and Lonely Planet forums. I had to book it after Evan (who was sitting on my lap looking at the photos) informed me "look daddy there are diamonds on the beds" and we both agreed the doorman looks really happy.

Hue will be quite different than the other places we are going to (each place really is quite distinct from the other) and I'm looking forward to it. The Orchid is a gem of a find.